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Here at the Chilli Jazz Store, we are passionate about spreading the love for jazz music

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At Chilli Jazz Store, we are passionate about spreading the love for jazz music. Our carefully developed products are made for everyone who shares our passion for excellence and quality. We take pride in providing the best possible shopping experience for our customers, offering a wide range of merchandise that promotes jazz and supports Chilli Jazz Radio. Check us out and join the jazz community!

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The Legends Range (Back of Shirt)
The Hot Range (Back of Shirt)
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What We’re All About

Every Penny raised will be spent on keeping Chilli Jazz Radio on Air

Supporting Tom and his passion for Radio, Jazz and Big Bands 

Chilli Jazz Radio was set up by Gary Stevens for his son Thomas during the Covid pandemic.

Thomas is Autistic and has learning difficulties but this has never stopped him realizing his dreams of being a Big Band & Jazz Radio Presenter.

Thomas has a passion for radio and as a young man presented Big Band & Jazz programmes for many years on Hospital radio and eventually moved on to Lincoln University community Radio "Siren FM". When Covid hit he was not able to broadcast live from the studio's in Lincoln and knowing this was so important to him Gary suggested to Tom we set up his own internet radio station.

During the autumn of 2020 we started a crowd funding campaign, we were truly humbled by the great generosity of family, friends, and many of the guests Tom has interviewed and the public, we managed to raise enough money to set Tom on his way and the birth of "Chilli Jazz Radio"

On the 17 July 2021 we launched Chilli Jazz Radio and have worked very hard ever since to gain more experience and maintain professional standards of broadcasting.

Tom works really hard presenting the bulk of Chilli Jazz Shows Live on Air, we have regular guest presenters and he has persuaded his dad Gary that he should also present shows.

We have a new web site as our previous web site got too expensive and our budget which doesn't exist means we have to raise funds ourself to finance all expenses to run the station.

However' we will continue to endeavour to go from strength to strength and grow Chilli Jazz Radio.

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